“Big thanks to Star Guitars John Carlino. I cracked a(nother) cymbal at Saturday nights gig. He has a Paiste Signature Series Fast Crash on its way for me. John not only keeps our Guitars, amps and PA working but he is also a dealer of other gear including everything a drummer could need. It’s a small shop so most drum gear needs to be ordered but it comes in quickly and the pricing is competitive. Is this a plug? Damn right. Support local small businesses. Oh and BTW, he’s a great guy.”
~ John DeSanto

“Plug number two. John does great work including setups and more on my guitars. If you’re in northern Westchester or Putnam, Star Guitars John Carlino ‘s shop is in Shrub Oak just a mile or so off the Taconic on Route 132.”
~ Tom Dillon

“John is the best. His work is top notch, and he gets your gear back to you in a reasonable amount of time.”
~ Cora I

“I’ve been playing bass for over 20 years and more than half that time I’ve been playing semi- professionally. I have dealt with techs and luthiers for years, John is one of the best. He’s smart, insightful and the communication is outstanding. I understand the trepidation of leaving your instrument with someone new for the first time. Believe me do it once and you will not regret it.”
~ Robert W.

“Honest & perfect match to buy a new guitar!! I can’t wait to go back!!”
~Katherine W.

“John is a terrific guitar tech, and a terrific guy. He did a crown and polish on my Carvin Bolt that literally made it like new. He also was able to correctly date a Vintage Les Paul for me. And just recently, he accepted my Parker Fly when over the years, three different guitar techs blew me off because they didn’t want to bother with what was a tricky electronics job. Turns out he had already done the same repair once for another customer, which was probably labor intensive for him at first, but now he had a schematic for that job, that he created, so it could be repeated again, but much easier. And his prices are VERY reasonable. He seems to genuinely enjoy what he is doing, and is very conscientious about providing both great work, great service, and great value to his customers. The best guitar man I have yet to encounter, and I’ve been to many. The total package.”
~ Matt Rubenstein

“I have brought every instrument I own to John for repair, modification or restoration. My guitars come back sounding better, playing better, and feel the way I always wished they would. I entrusted him with my most valuable guitar, asking him to sand down the radius of the neck, which is now absolutely perfect. He has routed my guitars for larger pickups, wired many different pickups in and out and did custom wiring. If there is something bothering you about your guitar, don’t hesitate to bring it to John. There is no job too big or too small. The photos on his web site that amaze me are of those broken headstocks that somehow come back looking like it never even happened. It’s really comforting to know that if it does happen, John can fix it. On top of all this, John is a wonderful person and I just love the guy.”
~ Gene Moore

“When I bought this guitar it was a basket case. John at Star Guitars brought it back to its former glory, He revitalized the finish, rewired the electronics and worked on the badly deteriorating binding. John made my Gretsch look and play like it was new again. An amazing accomplishment! I’ve been bringing my guitars to John for over twenty years for repairs, mods, set ups, etc. He is highly recommended.”
~ Keith Miller

John Carlino repairing an acoustic guitar
John Carlino repairing an electric guitar